You can be part of getting the feature Eagle Warrior - A Time of Reform to the big screen simply by ‘liking’ or ‘commenting’ on what you’ve just watched then helping us spread the word across social media. Film investors and producers look at box office and audience potential when considering a project. They also look at long-term residuals from streaming, DVD and ancillary sales. With the Eagle Warrior - A Time of Reform animatic, we are building audience (through YouTube and social media) to show that people are excited about this and would support the film at the box office.


You can promote by posting on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram etc.. You can embed the YouTube video on your website or highlight it on your blog. Your good word about Eagle Warrior - A Time of Reform, animatic is like gold to everyone dedicated to making this feature film.  If you know your way around social media or have a great idea to help us market the project please click the chimp below and give us your contact information. We’ll contact you—no seriously, we will contact you!


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