Animated films make money. They have a very wide audience base with typical MPAA ratings of G or PG which bring entire families to the theater. A timeless story with high entertainment and educational value, Eagle Warrior - A Time of Reform has both U.S. and foreign market appeal.


Careful consideration is given to the Hispanic market. According to an article by Molly Soat published in American Marketing Association news 2014, “Hispanics make up almost one-fifth of the U.S. population and that number will double by 2050, making Hispanics the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S.” This large national and international audience/consumer base translates to diverse and profitable income streams for the Eagle Warrior film.


The sky is the limit for ancillary markets that spin off Eagle Warrior - A Time of Reform, the first film of a trilogy. A film franchise is anticipated and we’ve seen what successful film franchises can do. Audience base created by the first film will be poised and eager to see the next one. Movie-goers love films with ‘heart’. Walt Disney is a mentor and role model for Jeanne McKinney, the screenwriter. Eagle Warrior has ‘heart’.


There are various ways to invest. You can finance the entire film, be a co-investor, be a silent investor, sign on as an executive producer, etc…There are different options to structure a deal that can bring return on investment (ROI). We have an Eagle Warrior Business Brief that outlines a loose budget, discloses several investment options with ROI numbers, gives past performances of other animated films and much more. That said, there is no risk-free investment. Send us your contact information by securely clicking the chimp below to learn more.