We’re going for the best and most beautiful animation out there. We will make an epic film with innovative cost controls, using top notch artists and talent who believe in the project, and who are eager to jump on board the Eagle Warrior flight. We know there are many film industry professionals out there who are looking for the next ‘best’ project to showcase their talents : ) We want to offer that opportunity.


Eagle Warrior- a Time of Reform has already attracted brilliant team members with our development so far. You can be the next brilliant team member to hone your skills and work as a team to bring Eagle Warrior magic to the big screen. There’s much to be said for the energy a project like this creates – we become a family with a common goal. If you fall into one of the following categories and would like to work with us, we welcome your contact. These are talent areas currently open which are filling as the project develops. Could be you.




Artists & Animators

Voice Actors

Post production

Special Effects


Music (specifically lyrics)




Social Media expert


If you build it - they will come : ) Click the chimp below to securely give us your contact information and join us on this amazing journey! Note: the project is not green-lit yet - we are diligently building the investment team.